Vodcast Episode 21: with NDP Leader Wab Kinew and MLA Malaya Marcelino

ūüď£ August 13, 2020 Update: Province Releases Practices and Protocols for Return to Schools

In this episode, MLA¬†Wab Kinew¬†and¬†Malaya Marcelino, MLA for Notre Dame¬†speak about the¬†Manitoba NDP‘s stance on the re-opening of schools, and the provincial government’s economic recovery program.

reference link: https://bit.ly/MB-NDP-alt-back-to-school-plan

Barangay Canada Vodcast: episode 21 with NDP leader Wab Kinew and Notre Dame MLA Malaya Marcelino

This Thursday, vodcast guests NDP MLA's Wab Kinew and Malaya Marcelino will comment on the provincial government's back to school plan and economic recovery program from the pandemic. Tune in here or on BarangayCanada.com

Posted by Barangay Canada on Thursday, August 13, 2020